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A mature dentist working on a digital tablet

Cash flow is essential to the health of every business. Get a solid handle on yours with a little help from technology.

By automating your dental practice’s financial processes, invoicing and payments can be taken care of quickly and efficiently. Pay your vendors, approve payments, bill customers and more, all using an electronic system customized to your needs. A system like this has a lot to offer:


By utilizing cash flow automation, you’ll be able to streamline the entire accounts payable and accounts receivable process. Take care of approvals and payments from anywhere with a connected laptop, PC or tablet. There’s no longer a need to physically be in the office and sign checks. This allows you more time to focus on other things like overall business strategy and treating patients.

Greater Awareness

A detailed electronic record is a priceless asset. With up-to-the-minute data, you can catch invoicing errors, spot recurring issues, and track of all of your accounts payable and accounts receivable in real time from the convenience of a personalized dashboard.

In addition, this better source of data allows for better strategizing. You’ll understand how your business is performing and discover areas for improvement with the ease of a click. Some systems also include analysis tools to help predict the financial road ahead for your dental practice.

Happier Customers

What’s better for a business than satisfied customers? Automated services will allow your customers to receive their invoices sooner, pay their bills online immediately from anywhere with an internet connection and set up auto-payments for the ultimate convenience.

These efficient systems benefit your dental practice greatly by making income more steady and predictable so that you can plan for what’s to come.

Ready to go automated? American National Bank is happy to set up a custom cash flow automation system just for your dental practice. Just reach out to us and we’ll fuel your opportunity.