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Welcome to American National Bank, where we understand the heartbeat of the manufacturing industry. Our dedicated team is committed to forging strong partnerships with manufacturers, providing tailored financial solutions that empower your growth and success. Whether you’re a small-scale workshop or a large-scale production facility, we recognize the unique challenges and opportunities inherent in the manufacturing sector. With our industry expertise and personalized approach, we aim to be more than just a financial institution – we strive to be your trusted ally on the path to innovation and efficiency. Explore our range of business banking services designed to streamline operations, enhance cash flow, and fuel your ambitions. Partner with American National Bank and let’s build the future of manufacturing together.



we offer a different approach to banking:

  • Fluid decision making that mirrors the flexibility your business needs to thrive
  • Ingenuity in banking that turns our expertise into your business advantages
  • Local advisors who provide personal service based on your needs, not what is easiest for the bank
  • Lower down payments that enable you to retain more cash to keep up with the pace of business
  • More flexible terms that enable you to maintain better cash flow

As your financing partner, our knowledge and experience will help your business beat the odds. Let us fuel your opportunity.

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Paul Northway Photo

Paul Northway

President | CEO
P: 920-739-1040

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Brett Schroeder Photo

Brett Schroeder

EVP | Chief Lending Officer
P: 920-560-5918

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Dustin Gresen Photo

Dustin Gresen

VP | Business Banking
P: 920-739-1040

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Tiffany Binish

AVP | Treasury Management
P: 920-560-5950

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Griffin Jack Photo

Griffin Jack

Business Banking Officer
P: 920-739-1040

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