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Save money for wants, needs or goals, and make money on it! Interest is accrued daily and compounded quarterly.

Regular Savings

A savings account designed for anyone who wants to save money

  • Interest accrued daily and compounded quarterly
  • No service fee if your daily balance remains over $100
  • No charge for online banking
  • No ATM card charge
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Money Market Savings

Maintain greater flexibility with your savings with the potential to earn a greater return on your deposit

  • No service fee if your daily balance remains over $1000
  • Potential to earn more interest
  • No charge for unlimited withdrawals in person
  • Make deposits of any amount at any time
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Free Kasasa Saver®

Effortlessly collects and grow your earned Kasasa checking rewards with this interest-earning, free account

  • Automatically builds savings
  • Earns interest on your balance every month
  • Links to Kasasa Cash and Kasasa Cash Back free checking accounts
  • No monthly maintenance fee or minimum balance
  • No minimum opening deposit
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Certificates of Deposit

Certificates of Deposit (CD) allow you to earn a higher return for your money than regular savings accounts. It is a safe investment product with a specific interest rate for a set period of time, called a term. Interest is earned from the date you deposit funds up to your maturity date.

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Minimum daily balance
ATM/Debit Card
Online Banking
Regular Savings1$100 to obtain APY2$5/quarterly (if balance falls below $100)10 debits/quarter ($1/each additional)FreeFree
Money Market Savings1$1,000$6/monthly (if balance falls below $1,000)6/monthFreeFree
Kasasa Saver3NoneNo maintenance feeFreeNoneFree

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1 ATM card available to qualified customers. Transaction fees may apply
2 Annual Percentage Yield
3 Kasasa Saver is available exclusively to Kasasa Cash® or Kasasa Cash Back® checking accountholders