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Great Teams Create
Great Practices

by Dustin Gresen

A dentist and dental assistants wearing medical masks

At the core of any successful dental practice is a reliable, dedicated, and cordial team of professionals and experts to back up the dentist(s). In an article posted on Dental Economics, author Mark Murphy underlines this point by telling the tale of two dental practices in the same city. One practice, led by an inspiring dentist, maintained a pleasant and welcoming culture and efficient workflows to deliver the highest quality service to their clients. Meanwhile, the other practice faced steep declines in performance with dysfunctional leadership and teams that blamed each other with every passing shortfall, which led to the collapse of the business in short order.

Murphy makes a strong point to show that good teams can make or break a dental practice. Through this example, he highlights that a poorly functioning team can harm a dental practice irreparably, while a good team can take one to new heights on their own account. But gaining and maintaining a well-functioning team of stars is much easier said than done, so what can dentists and other practice leaders do?

Primarily, dental practitioners need to offer value to their staff by supporting them, advising, and generally caring for their well-being, similarly to how they would treat a client. Think of them as “internal customers.” Investing in their training and development will foster a stronger mutually beneficial relationship. Make a point to embrace transparency in your leadership style – let your team know how they contribute to the bottom line/big picture of the business so that they can personally understand the value they bring to the table. Create opportunities for them to rise to challenges and exceed expectations for their development and the betterment of your practice.

As for onboarding, observation, clarity, and decisiveness are important. If you notice a new hire giving their all but lagging on performance, work with them one-on-one to give them guidance and direction, make a genuine effort to improve and encourage them as team members. However, be clear with your limits on how long you will tolerate poor performance before alternative action is put on the table.

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