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Community Banks are the
Anchor of Small Business

by Paul Northway

Friendly female and male business partners shaking hands, respect concept

I have read a lot of articles about small business owners feeling neglected by the bigger banks, and even some credit unions, during this crisis. Now, more than ever, people need reliability and a personal touch in banking. That’s why I suggest small business owners consider a community bank for their financial needs.

Why? Community banks are passionate about the local economy and the businesses that are its backbone because they’re operated by local people who have a vested interest in the place they call home.

In choosing a community bank, you will also have the opportunity to work with bankers who are empowered to make decisions and who know how to move processes through efficiently and urgently, when needed.

During the current crisis, we have been able to quickly process over $30 million of Paycheck Protection Program funding support through the Small Business Association, which will keep many people working in our community.

Our clients have noticed the American National Bank difference too. To quote one of our clients, “Community banks actually care about their customers.” That’s because when you work with a community bank, you’re not just a number. You are a neighbor, a friend and an important member of the community.

Just as the “shop local” mantra has had a tremendous effect on local businesses, we urge you to consider also banking locally. You’ll experience a more personal banking experience while also keeping our community healthy and vibrant. Together, we’ll beat the odds.