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Why Volunteering May Be
Your Next Best Move

by Lindsay Tafelski

Perhaps you’ve thought off and on about volunteering in your community and are still not quite ready to make the leap. You might be surprised what you can gain from giving your time. The best part? There’s no doubt that you will create real change—both for yourself and the community—along the way. 

Most non-profits rely on unpaid volunteers to help them reach their goals—whether that be through the giving of time, energy or resources. And its through the collective power of the group that they’re able to achieve their mission and change the world. Sound like a worthwhile pursuit?

Here are a few benefits of volunteering to consider:

Live longer. Be happier. Be connected. Does this sound worthwhile to you?

In truth, there are many more benefits of volunteering than these listed. The best way to discover them? Taking action, yourself. Enjoy the journey!