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Why Storytelling is an
Effective Marketing Technique

by Amanda Krueger

Storytelling is the best marketing

Great marketers know the power of the story. That’s why the Super Bowl commericals that pull us in every year are so gripping and worthy of conversation. They tell a story—whether funny, clever or absolutely heart-wrenching. And they leave a mark on the viewer.

What is story marketing?

You can use the power of story to market your own small business by creating an ongoing narrative about your company’s values, culture, or the experience working with you. It gives you the opportunity to paint a picture that’s relatable to your audience on an emotional level. And emotional connections are what truly drive brand loyalty. What is your brand’s personality? What are the 4-5 values you deliver on a consistent basis? Tell a story that shows these in action.

Why is story marketing a good idea?

It stands out amongst the thousands of other marketing messages your audience is exposed to each day. Yes, thousands of messages per day. With social media advertising, banner ads on websites, paid ads on Google, videos at the gas pump, TV and radio commericals and billboards on our daily commute, we can’t escape advertising messages. How do you stand out among the barage? Interesting fact: people are able to more easily recall stories than they are data and facts. When stories are used to communicate a message, people remember them 22x more than facts and figures alone.1

Need more convincing?

Telling your company’s story can also create a sense of trust. When your listener/reader/viewer is able to witness the change you’ve made for others, it plants a seed in their mind. They can more easily imagine the change you might affect in their lives. Show how your business can solve a very real problem they’re having. Bonus points if you can make the message recipient picture themselves as the hero in the scenario. We all want to make a difference for our companies, don’t we? To be the shining star who brought great success to the group? Bring that scene to life.

Ready to engage them?

Media consumption has grown consistently toward short, snackable video clips and away from long-form reading. Engage your audience by telling your brand’s story in video format to truly bring your story to life. People are inherently more interested in reading or watching something fun than they are a string of boasts or a list of stats and features.2 Take advantage of that fact by choosing your channel wisely.

Now it’s time to get to work on crafting your message. How can your business apply more story marketing? Have a conversation with your team and become the hero of your own story!

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