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What’s Trending:
Marketing Your Small Business in 2022

by Amanda Krueger

Digital marketing concept, online advertisement

It’s so easy to get pulled into the daily demands of running a small business that you forget to take time to analyze how your current marketing is going and how to move forward. The start of the year is the ideal time to pause and set new marketing goals for the year ahead. I urge you to schedule some quiet, focused time for yourself today to really dig in and decide which path makes the most sense for your business in 2022.

Here are five of the top marketing trends this year:

  1. Scalable Content

    Efficiency is the name of the game for small business owners. You’re busy enough as it is, so why not make the most of the marketing content you already have?

    Say you’ve recently recorded a long-form video for your website. Use your existing video to create a dozen other marketing pieces. First, chunk out the best bits of your video and create shorter videos that can be used on social media. Secondly, consider what topics discussed in the video or quotes could be utilized to create social media posts and graphics.
  2. Audio

    With so many workplaces adapting to video chat services during COVID, workers are experiencing “Zoom fatigue”. The necessity to always be on camera has created a very real longing for a different type of content: audio. Not only does this media allow the eyes a break, but it can also be consumed while doing other work.

    As more and more users are seeking out music streaming services and podcasts, this becomes a huge opportunity for marketers. Consider a paid placement in a podcast that fits in well with your business or industry and you’ll lead new customers right to you.
  3. Short Videos

    We’ve seen an explosion of short-form videos taking over social media in the past few years. And no wonder! They’re not only entertaining and addicting, but they also make sense in an increasingly distracted and fast-paced society.

    Your potential customers want you to get to the point quickly, and maybe even make your message a bit fun. Consider trying out a whole new marketing channel for your business with Instagram Reels, TikToks or even a video Facebook ad.
  4. Email

    You may be surprised, but email marketing has not lost any steam. Keep the email contacts you have up to date with your business’ latest products and services quickly and affordably with an online program like MailChimp or Sendinblue. One email per week is enough to keep your brand top-of-mind without saturating your customers’ inboxes and pushing them toward the unsubscribe button.
  5. Text

    In our smartphone-centric world, text marketing or (SMS) is only growing. Why not reach your audience right where they’re at? Text messaging feels highly personal in comparison to a stuffed email inbox. Likely, that’s why SMS shows very high engagement when compared to email marketing.

    To grow your existing database of phone numbers, consider offering exclusive, text-only promotions. New customers will be drawn in by offers they can find nowhere else.

These are just a few ideas to consider in 2022 to help your small business thrive. What steps will you take to move your small business forward this year?