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What a Community Bank Can Do for
Your Dental Practice

by Kristy Stiefvater

We’ve written at length about the benefits of working with a community bank in our blogs and newsletters. Community banks tangibly improve the towns and cities they serve. Furthermore, they are go-to partners for community members, small businesses, and local organizations looking to take their business to the next level. The advantages of banking locally are plentiful. Dental practices have a lot to gain from working with community banks as well. Let’s dive into just some of the ways community banks help dental practices:

  1. Leverage through knowledge
    Your community bank understands the ins and outs of your local market better than almost any institution out there. Through serving the needs of many different individuals and organizations within or involved in the community, local banks accumulate a wealth of knowledge about their business landscape that they can draw on to support all of their clients. They will know exactly what to do and who to go to in order to achieve common objectives in an optimal, sustainable, and timely manner. For example, in a Dental Medical Sales article titled The Advantages of Using Community Banks for Your Dental Practice, the author mentions that a dentist might be able to leverage a community bank’s knowledge on prices and quality of locally available dental equipment and speed up the loan acquisition process.
  2. Personalized approach
    Community banks will prioritize your needs in ways that larger ones will not. Community banks are more likely to go the extra mile to establish a great working relationship and superior rapport with their clients. Local business bankers are more than happy to take the time to meticulously understand your situation, provide generously, and establish friendships with their partners.
  3. Strategic assessment
    Community banks can provide you with a comprehensive assessment of your plans, performance, and projections for your practice. In The Advantages of Using Community Banks for Your Dental Practice, the author mentions that community banks can help dentists determine initial investment amount, operating costs, and future income. This helps practice owners understand exactly how much financing they need and empowers them to make informed decisions with their money.

Community banks can offer a full spectrum of benefits to current and prospective dental practice owners. Using their vast knowledge of the local business environment, community banks can measure the needs of a practice against their current and future performance to develop a personalized plan for dentists to grow their practices tangibly, consistently, and sustainably.

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