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Three Ways Technology Can
Enhance Your Dental Practice

A patient at a dental clinic

As a successful business owner, you know dentistry skill, high-caliber equipment and passion are not enough if you want your practice to achieve longevity. New and emerging digital trends are changing the game as modern dental patients have different needs and expectations than in years past.

Whether you’re looking to communicate better with current patients or you’re looking to bring new ones to your business—here are three simple ways you can enhance your dental practice with digital technology without hiring an expert.

Re-think your mediums of communication

Consumers prefer email and text communication over phone calls and physical mailers. This allows them to respond on their timeline and have applicable information available on their phones wherever they may be. Not sure how they prefer to be contacted? Send out a free electronic survey using sources like Survey Monkey and find out exactly what they prefer. By using your patients’ preferred method of contact, you’re much more likely to get your message through to them.

Add ‘blogger’ to your title

The power of blogging for any small business is not to be underestimated. It’s an incredible tool. Your posts will not only keep your website content fresh, but you’ll receive more backlinks, which are links to your website posted to other websites—both increasing your Search Engine Optimization (SEO). The best part? Literally anyone can do it. As a dental practitioner, you have a wealth of information you could share with your patients and potential patients. Produce content your patients will be interested to read and the results will follow.

Try digital advertising

The world of advertising has changed dramatically over the past decade. No longer are you limited to television, print and radio ads. Now, you can deliver your marketing message to your specific target audience—and save money while doing it! Consider spending your advertising dollars on Google AdWords/Ad Sense, Facebook, YouTube or Twitter ads.  Not only are your success rates easy to track, but your approach can be changed at the drop of a hat if things aren’t working in your favor.

Maybe your business is already embracing many of these digital options. You’re doing something right—keep at it! Or, if you’re feeling a bit overwhelmed, we suggest starting small. Decide on one new method of digital communication that you’d like to explore in the next quarter and devote yourself to doing it well and giving it some time to show its gains.  

Digital technology is the most effective way to communicate with current patients and bring in new ones. What message are you sending with your current approach?