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Wickman House
Beat the Odds

“We knew what we’re doing and it was refreshing to have someone have faith in us.” See how American National Bank helped Mike Holmes bring the historic Wickman House back to life.

Wickman House

After working in restaurants in New York City, co-owner Mike Holmes was drawn back to the area because of the land and its ability to support a farm-to-table initiative, which is what Wickman House is all about.  The restaurant’s focus is on sustainable agriculture, featuring a menu inspired by fresh, seasonal ingredients sourced from local farms and gardens. American National Bank helped Mike secure their property and make their vision a reality.  “Renting from somebody is a very different thing than having it be yours and being able to not worry about the next choices you make.”

“Moving forward, we know we have someone on our side [with American National Bank] who sees our vision so when we want to continue to grow we can talk to them like another business partner.”


Man being interviewed for Wickman House