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Cradle to Crayons
Beat the Odds

“As a woman and mother who is an entrepreneur... you can do this.” Julie Stoffel opened Cradle to Crayons ten years ago, and it’s been quite the adventure.

Cradle to Crayons

Julie Stoffel opened Cradle to Crayons Learning Center LLC because she wanted to work but didn’t want to miss out on her daughter’s milestones—this was her perfect compromise.

“Women in business are few and far between.  And, you know, we can really make a footprint.  Both my daughters saw me dive in ten years ago and have seen the progression of me owning a business… You have to stand strong and persevere during those hard times but continue to smile because in the end it’s quite the adventure and you have to enjoy it.” – Julie Stoffel

We’ve been Julie’s partner since the beginning.  Watching her journey as an entrepreneur and businesswoman has been an inspiration to us.

Learn more about Julie’s story to find your own inspiration:

Woman being interviewed for Cradles to Crayons