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Shop Local
Support Your Community

by Amanda Krueger

A glowing neon OPEN sign in a storefront window

The hustle and bustle of the holiday season is over, and with it goes Black Friday, Cyber Monday and Small Business Saturday. But just because our designated shopping days are done doesn’t mean you should stop shopping local.

Our local small businesses offer things that big box stores simply can’t.

You’re Supporting Real People

Your friends and neighbors in your community are the owners of your favorite small businesses. Unlike big box stores with CEOs you’ll never know, you know your local business owners by name, your kids may play on the same soccer team and they probably know exactly what you’re looking for when you visit their shop.

You Can’t Beat the Customer Service

Because their livelihood depends on returning customers and positive word of mouth, local small businesses usually provide top-notch customer service. They know their customers personally and want to make them happy. If you’re looking for something special or specific, they’ll go out of their way to help you out, because you have a personal connection. If you’ve had a problem, a small business owner is more likely to make it right, because your support sustains their business!

You’re Supporting More Than a Business, You’re Supporting Your Community

Small businesses in your community create jobs and help to sustain shopping districts, a thriving downtown and bolster tourism. Small businesses are also far more likely to put money back into the community by supporting non-profits through donations, sponsorships or services. They often build partnerships with other businesses, schools, residents or community organizations, strengthening community ties and giving back at the same time.

Shop Local Art

Supporting small businesses also has the added value of supporting local artisans! Many local shops feature work from regional artists and products from local vendors you just can’t find anywhere else.

Shop Unique

Are you looking for high quality craftsmanship or unique items you won’t be able to find at big box stores? Then shop local and shop small. Because so many local items are handmade or made but true craftsmen, not mass-produced in a factory, you won’t see 100 of your closest friends with the same product. Plus, vendors are far more accessible to small business owners than they are to staff at your local chain store who have to go through a customer service team for help. If you want something that they don’t currently have in stock, it’s likely a small business will be able to get it for you sooner.

Shop Local, Shop Fresh

When it comes to food shopping, buying local has huge benefits. It’s easier to find organic, chemical and pesticide free food with the added value of knowing exactly where it came from! Plus, your food is fresher because it’s grown right in your own backyard!

Now that the rush of the holiday season is over, it’s the perfect time to visit your local small businesses, find unique products and delicious food you hadn’t seen before all while supporting your local community!