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Purchasing New Technology for
Your Dental Practice

Shipping company delivering a package

Have you been considering upgrading your technology and equipment? Not only will state-of-the-art tech attract new dental customers, but it can also help your team be even more efficient—and effective—than ever.

One caveat? Technology is usually more expensive than most practices can afford to pay out of pocket, so you’ll likely need to finance your new purchases. Where to start?

  1. Questions, questions, questions

    Before you do anything else, take the time to thoroughly consider your practice’s needs. What new equipment or technology would best help your staff to do their jobs? Have a team meeting and talk through some options. You might think chairside CAD/CAM is the most effective use of your dollars, but an upgrade to an online appointment booking system might benefit more users in the long run.
  2. Section 179 on your side

    The IRS Section 179 tax deduction enables your dental practice to deduct the full purchase price of qualifying equipment and software (up to one million dollars) from your gross income, which means big benefits come tax season. To take advantage, talk to your accountant.
  3. Choosing a lender

    When it comes to lending for your new equipment, you deserve more than just a transaction. Choose a lender that is experienced with the dental industry—one who understands your unique needs. A lender should be a trusted resource with a team of advisors, financial tools and flexible financing options—not just a quick business deal.
  4. Proper support

    Once you’ve decided upon your new investment, make sure your equipment or software is backed by experts. To get the very most out of your new purchase, be sure it comes with the support your team will need to not only train and onboard, but also to refer back to when questions arise.

A practice with the very latest technology can be a huge seller in dentistry. Attract new customers and save valuable time with the very best for your practice.