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Managing Time for
Consistent Client Care

by Dustin Gresen

Effective time management, one of the most fundamental skills for any professional, is of paramount importance for dental practitioners. Nobody in the world can do it perfectly, but everybody can take steps to optimize it!

In an article published on HR for Health, author Sasha Wojcik insists on the importance of time management for consistent client care. As dental practices acquire more patients, it is important that they become increasingly efficient in terms of time management so that they can provide the highest quality care to every client that enters their building. Wojcik suggests that practitioners adapt by expanding their team, recruiting dental assistants to handle paperwork and tasks, allowing dentists to spend more of their time focused on service quality. She further recommends the use of online resources to bolster the hiring and recruitment process.

Besides having a robust network of assistants and staff, it is evident that leaning into the use of technology and online resources is also an effective way that dental practitioners can improve their time management going into the future. An article we found on DentistryIQ provides us with several ways that technology can be used in this regard.

Author Derek Jones suggests the use of Electronic Dental Record (EDR) systems, which provide practitioners with quick and automated ways to identify areas of improvement by comparing internal data with national averages and other statistics. They also allow practices to keep readily accessible and updatable records of every relevant parcel of data for patients, which is convenient for both patients and service providers. Jones also suggests the use of artificial intelligence (AI) to expedite processes for the patient and the practitioner. It can be used for something as simple as a website chatbot to something as complex as precise diagnostics.

Overall, time management is critical in developing consistent quality care for all dental practitioners, from those that manage a dozen patients to those with hundreds to thousands. By expanding staff, planning efficiently, and adapting to industry technological trends, dental practices can be fortified against any struggles that poor time management might present.

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