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Improve Your Health and the
Health of Your Business

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Owning a business can be stressful and many business owners feel anxiety.  Here are a few changes you can make as you begin to manage your feelings of anxiety:

Set Clear Goals — “Hope is Not a Strategy”

Things don’t always work out like you hope or want, so it’s helpful to have clear goals in place and a contingency plan for if things go wrong.  Most business owners know that, while plan A is ideal, they end up using plan B or plan C. 

Hope is a positive thing, and we should all have it.  It just can’t be your strategy.  Identify reasonable goals that you can work toward, the associated risks, and have a plan for each. That way you won’t have to rely solely on hope.

Be Yourself

Business owners can be debilitated by the need to impress.  Dwelling on “what others think of me” slows and confuses the decision-making process for many owners.  No one knows your business, and what’s in your best interest, better than you do.   Be yourself and be confident in your business decisions.  

Don’t Be Afraid to Ask for Help

Many people see asking for help as a sign of weakness, an embarrassment or a burden.  But asking for help provides far more benefits than risks. You may feel a new sense of confidence when mentors or colleagues are willing to take time out of their schedules to help or encourage you—it means people believe in your vision and your business.

Putting your confidence in others by asking for their help or opinions is also a great way to strengthen your existing relationships or build new ones.  Think of asking for help as another way to grow your network. 

Asking for help may also introduce you to new ideas or strategies—you never know who will inspire you!  

Don’t Be Scared to Say No

Embrace the power of ‘no.’  Identify the activities and people that inspire you, challenge you and propel your business forward. If something doesn’t fit into one or more of those categories, is it worth your time and energy? Learn to trust your gut—and don’t commit to things that aren’t helpful to you or your business.  There’s no need to waste your, or anyone else’s, valuable time. 

Find a Work-Life Balance

We know that your business is your baby and that it can be hard to trust others to lead while you’re away.  But everyone needs work-life balance. It’s what allows you to stay energized and engaged with your business. 

You have a limited number of hours in your day.  As your business grows, you need to learn to delegate and to take advantage of your most productive hours.  Making the most of your time at work leaves you with time for your family, hobbies or exercise.   Your business needs you to be in good health, and your mental well-being is a large part of that. 

We’re business people who have been in your shoes—and we know what it takes for you to succeed.  Making these small changes to reduce your anxiety will improve your health and the health of your business.