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Five Reasons to Market Your
Dental Practice on Social Media

Large group of people forming a teeth icon in social media and community concept on white background. 3d sign of crowd illustration from above gathered together

Enjoy scrolling through social media during your personal time? Who doesn’t? But, are you actively using it to promote your dental practice?

The power of social media is unmistakable. Worldwide, users have grown to almost 3.5 billion at the start of 2019, with 288 million new users in the past 12 months. And, shockingly, those users are spending 1/7th of their lives on social media (Hootsuite). With so many users spending so much time there, doesn’t it seem like a good place to market your small business?

Here are five reasons to market your dental practice using social media:

  1. Open-minded consumers
    Your potential patients are more receptive to marketing while on social media. They’re there to have fun and are more open when they come across marketing messages because of it. Often, they voluntarily follow brands they think are interesting or that provide them with valuable information. So, make sure you provide content that applies to their lives.
  2. Improved brand awareness
    By being visible on social media, where so many people spend time, you’re gaining more brand awareness. It’s a space where you can develop and share your brand’s specific voice and personality—building recognition among potential clients.
  3. Increased SEO
    Marketing on social media escalates your inbound traffic and your Search Engine Optimization (SEO). When you publish content on a consistent basis, you’ll be directing more and more people to your website. The fresh content will maximize the number of people visiting your website and help your brand to appear higher on search engine results—meaning it will be even easier for new visitors to find you.
  4. Reach a targeted audience
    Each social media channel has its own specific audience and can help you reach yours. Start by creating a very specific list of your audience’s demographics. This might include age, gender, location and interests. Then, you can determine which channel is best to reach your targeted audience. Create content that will engage those potential patients so those very qualified leads head back to your website to book an appointment.
  5. Save time and money
    In comparison to traditional marketing which includes direct mailers, radio, television and newspaper advertisements, advertising on social media is much more cost effective—and fast! You can significantly cut expenses and gain results because this form of marketing is done digitally and can be achieved by nearly anyone, without formal training. Dedicate a few hours a week to publishing quality content and interacting with your fans and followers online and you’ll notice a solid return on investment.

Now the only question is, which method of social media will you start with? Happy posting!