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Entrepreneurs – Time to Evaluate
Your 2019 Goals

Man with sticky notes writing on glass

Entrepreneurs, by their nature, are goal-driven people. Normally, they take the time to thoroughly analyze an opportunity before they dive in. But often, by necessity, entrepreneurs switch to “get it done” mode once a project is underway. That may lead, over time, to a dimming of the original focus or desired goal. 

No matter where you are on your entrepreneurial journey, it’s a good idea to take advantage of New Year’s Day as a beacon to refocus on your professional goals.

Business News Daily recently asked successful entrepreneurs to share some ideas toward goal setting. One of the lead thoughts is to make sure you maintain a good work life versus home life balance. Make the vow that when you are at work, you are concentrating on work. Attempt to limit interruptions. This will then give you time to be more productive, and free up your mind to relax when at home.

The next suggestion to improve in 2019 is a challenging one, because it requires an investment of the precious commodity—time. Take the time to invest in education. That may mean attending night classes at a local university, going to weekend seminars, or just reading more books. You need to put this on a calendar and make the commitment to come out of 2019 smarter.

Remember to focus. The bigger your goals become, the more parts to the system for success. That’s okay, but remember to focus on your part of the business machine. Doing too much may have you end up with less.

It’s also important to establish who you are. Exactly what type of business are you. Is the company performing the way you had envisioned? Is it time to bring in a consultant to help identify who you are and set a track for success? Once you know who you are and what you’re all about, you can lead your organization to a clear goal. Your customers and suppliers will appreciate you if you are truly authentic to deliver the customer experience as promised.

Take a look to technologically upgrade your organization. This goal will look different to various businesses. It may mean it’s time to finally dive into to a structured social media program. It may mean using platforms like YouTube to present videos about your company. Technology changes rapidly, and the longer you delay approaching it in a proactive way, the more you fall behind. Hire help that can achieve these goals.

As a final goal, we suggest you take time for your passions. Travel, enjoy your hobbies, spend time with family. It is always time well spent and will recharge your spirit. Sometimes, you may have to say “NO” to work to achieve balance—and that’s okay!