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Curative Connections
Case Study

Banking in our Community - A Successful, Solutions-Oriented Relationship

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Finding the Best Fit

For more than 70 years, Curative Connections has helped families, seniors, and people with disabilities find support and care due to aging, dementia, mental health, AODA, brain injuries and needs for transportation assistance from their own homes in Brown County. All services at Curative Connections are designed to help people achieve their goals for independence.

Nonprofit organizations are the backbone of our community. They do the heavy lifting and hands-on work to help create strong and vibrant neighborhoods. When it comes to finances, ANB is a local community bank that understands nonprofits have unique needs.

“Everyone [at ANB] is extremely knowledgeable and well-versed in nonprofits,” said McCarthy. “It’s very different running a nonprofit than running a for-profit, and I think when you have lenders and bankers who understand that difference and are willing to work with the special challenges that come along with nonprofit management, that just makes things that much better.”

Selecting a bank is a major choice for any nonprofit. For nonprofits of any size, how you manage your short- and long-term funds is critical. If you’re a nonprofit, the rules are a little different than those followed by for-profit organizations. When selecting a bank, you need to consider factors that for-profit organizations don’t typically deal with when setting up an account for their business

Right Talent, Right Relationship

ANB’s experience and expertise with nonprofits allows Curative Connections to focus on what they do best—providing services to residents of Brown County.

ANB assisted with treasury management including Automated Clearing House, remote deposit capture, fraud protection tools to protect deposits, ACH capabilities to pay employees and vendors, business accounts, a line of credit to support working capital and payment processing services to accept donations.

Bank choice is everything

It’s not necessarily simple to switch banks once you’ve opened an account, so it’s important to make the right decision the first time. Besides choosing a bank with excellent services and customer perks, you want to ensure that the bank’s mission and goals align with those of your nonprofit.

“We know the bank’s leadership will be in our corner long into the future,” said McCarthy. “Whether that’s a capital campaign or making an introduction to a potential supporter in the community or brokering other kinds of relationships. It’s something that’s important to us, and
it’s also important to the bank.”


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