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A Prosperous 2022:
Resolutions for Small Businesses

by Brent Walbrun

Notepad with 2022 New Year's Resolutions

The turning of the calendar is a natural time to pause, reflect and set intentions for the year ahead. We set New Year’s Resolutions in our personal lives, so why not set some for our businesses too?

Here are five small business New Year’s Resolutions to consider in 2022.

  1. Be Flexible

    Among the many things we’ve learned during the pandemic, one thing was clear: businesses that were quick to adapt were those that thrived. It’s understandable if you prefer to make slower, deliberate choices after considering all the opportunities for your business, but oftentimes business requires quick-thinking to remain afloat. Be sure to embrace change and jump in when it’s necessary to try a new process, product or service.
  2. Educate and Empower Yourself

    If you’re not already a financial aficionado, it can seem overwhelming to stay on top of all the loan options available to your business. But you may be surprised to know that an investment of only an hour or two of reading could save your company thousands a year. That seems like time well spent! Take it upon yourself to do a little research or lean on a trusted advisor to walk you through your options.
  3. Learn to Delegate

    The concept sounds so simple. Just find someone to take a bit of work off your plate, right? For small business owners, it’s incredibly challenging to find someone who is both capable enough and who you trust enough (trust being the key word) to hand off some of your responsibilities.

    Start with something small and practice trusting others to complete tasks. The act of delegating makes room for more important things that only an owner can decide: the overall vision, strategy, goals and initiatives of your company.
  4. Form New Connections

    Has it been quite awhile since you joined the networking scene? Why not join a new club, professional group or give back to your community through a charity? When we get out of our typical routines and meet new people, the odds of us developing new leads skyrockets. In business, it’s often about who you know. So, why not get to know more people? 
  5. Decompress

    Business is busy, yes. But one thing that we all need to be at our very best is rest and relaxation. It provides perspective that can’t be found while in the midst of the grind. It may seem counterintuitive but taking time away from your business might actually be one of the best things you can do to improve efficiencies. Step back, recharge, look at things with fresh eyes. You’re all but guaranteed to come back to work with new processes, products and ideas that can catapult you toward success.

These are just a few ideas to consider in the New Year to help your small business thrive. What resonates most with you?