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A Look into the Current Recruitment
Challenges Facing Dental Practitioners

Recently, we found an insightful article published on Dentistry IQ. The author, Elizabeth S. Leaver, shed light on one of the most noteworthy and unique challenges faced by dental practitioners in the current day – the recruitment of hygienists and assistants.

In March 2022, 33% of dentists reported themselves as recruiting for hygienists, and 38% indicated that they were recruiting for assistants. In correspondence with Dentistry IQ, Chelsea Fosse, DMD, MPH, Senior Health Policy Analyst, HPI stated that staffing issues are the most significant concern for dentists in early 2022. She further estimated that such staffing issues are causing an 11% reduction in dental practice capacity.

To compound the problem, roughly 9 in 10 dentists report that it has been “extremely” or “very” challenging to recruit hygienists and assistants. Mostly causing these difficulties are a general shortage of applicants.

Fosse continued by bringing up studies conducted by the American Dental Hygienists Association, which show that the pandemic caused a voluntary reduction in the dental hygiene workforce by roughly 3.5%, with many choosing to permanently leave the profession. Another issue facing recruiters has been strenuous compensation (wage and benefits) requirements from applicants.

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Leaver, Elizabeth S (2022). “Difficulties recruiting for the dental hygiene, assistant roles: Peak may be reached, but woes persist” [Article]. Dentistry IQ. [Accessed May 9, 2022]